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 9609 FM 1960, West 
 Houston, TX 77070
 Phone: (281) 807-4646 |
 Fax: (281) 807-4648

 Location: NW Houston in the Cypress Hollow Business Center (Captain Tom's Boat in same business center)

Comprehensive Diagnostics, Virus, Malware, and Spyware Removal, Operating System Restoral, Maintenance and Repair, Hardware Installation, Repair and Replacement, Data Transfer, Memory Upgrades, Performance Enhancements, Software Technical Support, PC Tune-up & Optimization Service, Computer Training, Hard Drive Data Recovery, Data Backup, Firewall Optimization, Printer Setup, New Computer Setup, Networking Setup and Maintenance (including wireless), Data Safety Consultation, Laptop System Installation, Operating System Upgrades, Cabling Installation & Testing, Internet Optimization.

A private and secure process (internet connection required) to access your computer using www.fastsupport.com  website. This allows us to perform mutiple tasks such as but not limited to, diagnostic, repairs, virus removal, optimization, training, and more. All done without an in-home service call or you disconnecting various wires and devices to physically drop off and pick up your computer. Saves time and saves money!

On top of the services offered above we provide computer training and/or assistance to anyone interested in increasing their level of knowledge and skills in the following:
  • PC Preventive Maintenance
  • Basics of Microsoft Products; Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint...
  • Using and navigating E-mail, & Internet applications
  • Preventing Adware, Malware, Trojans, Spyware, Viruses
  • Designing and Developing Personal or Business Website 
  • Protecting and Backing up Important Data (Online Storage & External Storage)
  • Computer optimization
  • Wireless Networking & Setup
  • Home Network Management 
  • Desktop Management and File Organization

As technology advances in such leaps and bounds, it is important more so than ever to maintain a basic understanding of the variety of electroncic devices we use to entertain ourselves, learn, and communicate with others. Privacy, security, efficiency, and peace of mind is always a concern when we or our family members use the computer and internet these days. If you or perhaps a parent is in need of improvement in their computer or other electronic device give PC Parts and Service a call. We specialize in catering to those that may require a bit more patience and understanding when building up to their full potential.

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Point at the above COMP TIA logo for details on A+ Certification Standards

http://verify.CompTIA.org / Use Code: 9CV3KM4LDCEE17NF

PC Parts and Service handles it all when it comes to your computer needs. Enjoy working on all types of computers, and for over the years still find them fascinating. Received Comp A+ Certification in 2010 to provide you my credentials of knowing the best and latest technologies used in our computers today. This in combination with my years of experience as a leader and trainer in customer service gives you the five star treatment when it comes to your PC needs. Be sure to check out what others had to say by visiting "Angie's List." Please allow us the opportunity to show how much more we can do for you compared to some other bigger repair centers in price and support.
Service, care, and support you receive from PC Parts and Service, will always be at it's BEST

Customer Service Above & Beyond!

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